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White Folks

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it is funny... [23 Jul 2006|12:02pm]

or maybe it isn't. But, I've noticed that the very people who shout for tolerance are actually some of the least tolerant people.
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Too Much Time on Your Hands? [23 Jul 2006|11:34am]

I am very pleased with the election results in my area.
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Racism [25 May 2006|06:59am]

Sorry I have not posted in a long time. I hope you all are doing well, and are still around.

I've been very careful about keeping trolls out of the community, but I've probably been overly cautious, at the same time. It is hard to know who is just trying to gain membership to harass everyone and who genuinely wants to discuss these matters fairly.

Anyway, I wonder if any of you have any opinions on this? Doesn't it seem that the fire department in Dekalb County, Georgia seems to be discriminating against WHITE people? This article seems to indicate that, because they cannot find black people to promote, they just refuse to promote anyone.
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FYE [25 Jan 2005|11:33am]
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Hi [12 Jan 2005|03:29am]
I am glad to be White and among Friends.

There is no greater blassing.
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[29 Oct 2004|08:51am]

Hello Everyone! Here is a link that might interest you: http://www.adversity.net/default.htm
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Michael King the Fraud [25 Jul 2004|05:05pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Very interesting article about Martin Luther King, Jr.

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[26 Jun 2004|07:40pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

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[11 Mar 2004|07:48pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

Not a lot of people here... anyway, I wanted to post here because I am tired of black people having more rights than white, and of being called a racist because I'm proud of being white and of Celtic descent.

I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And the province of Quebec is a place that lets a lot of immigrants in, and politically-correctness is like a new religion.

And today, in the paper, what I saw was really the last straw. Here is our St. Patrick's parade queen:

This is an insult for all of us white folks, especially those who have Celtic blood running in their veins.

A "anti-racist" co-worker asked me why I was so upset because, in the past year, there have been other mixed parade queens: a Canadian-Irish and an Italian-Irish. Well, there is a huge difference with black: Canadians and Italians are White and of European descent.

I think politically-corectness goes too far. Well, I already did, but now I see that there are no limits how far liberals can go.

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Finally [11 Mar 2004|05:06am]

[ mood | angry ]

It's good to see a community like this start up! I have a lot to say!

The percentage of the population of the united states which are white is decreasing. While blacks and hispanics still reap the benefits of minority preference points, white people are losing more and more opportunities for advancement. We are losing out on our ability to attend college, to advance in our careers and to raise our children in a crime-free environment.

As you can see, the percentage of white graduates from health professions schools have significantly decreased in recent years. The percentage is disproportionate to the overall white population within the united states. For instance, 66.5% of the 1999-2000 graduates of allopathic medicine were white, while the 2000 census reports that 75.1 percent of the population were white. This is a clear sign that affirmative action and racial preference points need to be a thing of the past.

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